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In the neon jungle of Taipei, Jack searches for the one family that can offer him forgiveness and a chance at a new life.


Red Coral is a film that delves into one of the most intriguing and lesser-known Asian cultures, Taiwan. Through the eyes of Jack, a young animator who travels to Taipei to find the family of his deceased lover, we explore the beautiful yet overwhelming city of Taipei. Carrying only his lover’s electric guitar and a secret guilt, Jack has to overcome the language barrier and challenge of finding the one family that can help him face his inner demons. As he becomes consumed by thoughts of suicide, his only glimmer of hope is the name of the family he searches for, engraved in the back of the guitar.


On his quest for self-forgiveness he encounters many intriguing and colorful characters along the way, not only in his search for the family, but on his journey of self-discovery. He learns lessons about death from the wise old Zhao, and lessons about life from the seductive and rebellious Jing-Yu. As Jack gets lost on the city streets his imagination manifests itself as animations to help him deal with the stress and pressures of being so far from home.


From north to south, through mountains and across beaches, from the dingiest alleys to the swankiest penthouses, Jack searches across Taiwan. His quest eventually leads him to a beautiful yet terrible decision, forgive himself, or die.

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